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Who We Are

District Coordinators

A district representative, appointed by the Board Member for each WABS member district, meets monthly to share best practices, and to shape, plan and implement WABS education initiatives.



  • Mark Madison, Director of College and Career Readiness
    Dana Geaslen, Assistant Superintendent

  • Anthony Anderson, Director of STEM and Choice Programming
    Cori Gudgeon, CTE Director

  • Chance Gower, CTE Director

  • DeNelle West, Chief Learning Officer
    Lori Paxton, CTE Director
    Annette Venegas, K-12 Science & STEM Instructional Specialist
    Jon Rismiller, Science and STEM Coordinator

  • Jennifer Rose, Director of Teaching and Learning
    Donneta Oremus, Director of College and Career Readiness
    Jake Duke, Teaching and Learning Team
    Hanna Aramillo, Teaching and Learning Team
    Royce Badley, CTE Specialist

  • Ryan Beatty, CTE Director
    Melissa VanZanten, Director of Curriculum & Assessment

  • Maria Mercado Keegan Pena, Executive Director for Equity and Family & Community
    Pat Hegarty, Executive Director of Secondary Education
    Kevin Rohrich, CTE Director

  • Christy Clausen, Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction
    Damen Schuneman, CTE Director

  • Kevin Smith, CTE Director

  • Caleb Perkins, Director of College and Career Readiness & CTE
    John Parker, STEM Curriculum Specialist
    Brian Day, Director of CTE

  • Dr. Tanisha Brandon-Felder, Director of Equity and Family Engagement

  • Dr. Joshua Garcia, Deputy Superintendent
    John Page, Director of CTE
    Adam Kulaas, Director of CTE

  • Walter Jackson, CCL Program Manager

District Coordinator Resources (Password Protected)


As of May 24, 2022