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For Educators

Educators Overview

We engage educator leadership with industry and community partners so that all students, particularly those impacted by systemic racism and those furthest from educational justice, can access post-secondary certification options and move into the future workforce with the 21st Century skills (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity) they need to thrive.

We do this by:

Providing support in building educators’ skills and capacity around powerful learning experiences that increase students’ opportunities and career readiness, particularly in STEM education.

Providing educators support in implementing practices that gather student voice and then responding to the information gathered in order to revise and reframe instruction. We do so by using tools such as clinical interviews with students, revision processes focused on student’s thinking and responses, supporting professional development in CRT and student-centered practices, and providing students with formative and summative assessments/surveys feedback.

Providing opportunities for educators and industry partners to collaborate around common goals and outcomes so that students have access to relevant, authentic career-connected units that highlight problem-based scenarios in the workplace.

Removing institutional barriers for students by strategically integrating the Natural Leaders and Teach2Connect programs in order to create shared knowledge and experiences between families, educators, and industry.

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