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Who We Are

District Leaders

A district representative, appointed by the Board Member for each WABS member district, meets monthly to share best practices, and to shape, plan and implement WABS education initiatives.



  • Mark Madison, Director of College and Career Readiness
    Dana Geaslen, Assistant Superintendent

  • Anthony Anderson, Director of STEM and Choice Programming

  • Chance Gower, CTE Director

  • Lori Paxton, CTE Director
    Annette Venegas, K-12 Science & STEM Instructional Specialist
    Jon Rismiller, Science and STEM Coordinator

  • Jennifer Rose, Associate Superintendent for Instructional Services
    Jake Duke, Teaching and Learning Team
    Hanna Aramillo, Teaching and Learning Team

  • Dr. Chris Pearson, Executive Director of Teaching & Learning
    Melissa VanZanten, Director of Curriculum & Assessment

  • Mary Williams, Executive Director for Equity and Family & Community Partnerships
    Kevin Rohrich, CTE Director

  • Christy Clausen, Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction
    Damen Schuneman, CTE Director

  • Kevin Smith, CTE Director

  • Caleb Perkins, Director of College and Career Readiness & CTE
    John Parker, STEM Curriculum Specialist
    Brian Day, Director of K-12 STEM and CTE

  • Dr. Tanisha Brandon-Felder, Director of Equity and Family Engagement

  • Spokane Public Schools

    Rob Reaves, CTE Director
    Scott Kerwien, Director of Student Success
    Stephanie Splater, Director of Athletics & Afterschool Activities

  • Adam Kulaas, Director of CTE
    Kristie Stanek-Wolford, Assistant Director of CTE

  • Walter Jackson, CCL Program Manager

District Leader Resources (Password Protected)


As of May 24, 2022